Financial Freedom Program

Retire Early & Wealthy: Attain Financial Freedom By Investing Wisely
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Our Financial Freedom Program

I would like to share with you a Real Estate investment program I implemented for myself and for my clients many years ago. I call this program “My Financial Freedom”.

Luxury-CondoHere is how it works:

Many years ago, I met with my financial advisor who was trying to sell us mutual funds and stocks, and being a good salesperson she scared me while calculating our assets and declared that we do not have enough money to retire. She told me if I want to have at least $100,000 per year from 60 to 90 years old, I would need $3,000,000 which I did not have at the time. This made me think about how I would be able to live the 30 years of my retirement.

Since I do not believe in mutual funds and stocks (please forgive me if you do), I developed my own plan to prosper for the rest of my life, even beyond 90 years, and I can show you how to achieve the same, and finally attain financial freedom for your future…

The secret to my achievement is that I started to buy condos every few years until I owned 5 of them in strategic neighborhoods in Toronto’s core. I mainly buy pre-construction projects because of the convenience with deposits and mortgages. I rent out each condo, and the tenants essentially help me to pay the mortgage, maintenance and property taxes. Depending on the bank, usually a 20-25% down payment is enough to cover all expenses in Toronto. In many other metropolitan cities, like New York or London, you would need more than a 50% down payment to cover expenses.

I am planning to sell one condominium every 4 to 5 years and spend this money after I stop working. The core of the program is as follows: Let’s say you buy a condo suite for $400,000 today. In 10 years, the value of this property will probably be $600,000 or more and almost 50% of the mortgage will be paid off. This would equal about $100,000 in cash to use each year once it has been sold, until you sell the next condo in about 4 or 5 years. Or, instead of selling, you can leverage your condo and obtain a line of credit against it to use; this line will be paid off once the unit is sold, which would give you the extra cash you need for your retirement. With my investment strategy, I will have at least an extra $100,000 per year to allocate towards my financial freedom in my retirement.

Toronto-CondosAnother benefit is that upon your retirement, you will likely be in a different tax bracket. The greatest benefit of investing in Real Estate is that you can leverage your investment. For example: let’s say you were looking to purchase a property valued at $500,000. You can purchase this property with a $100,000 down payment. The average price appreciation in Toronto over the last 35 years is approximately 5% per year. Based on these metrics, your investment will appreciate by $25,000 per year. Incredibly, that’s already a 25% return on your investment.

A lot of people are now following “My Program” and we all feel very confident and secure about our futures because the real estate market shows no indication of slowing down, and as a result of my market expertise, I have been able to pinpoint the condo projects that will have the best return on my investment. I believe in the Toronto condo market, because I have a deep rooted understanding of the international real estate market and the potential for tremendous growth in this city. By the time I decide to retire, my condos will appreciate in value even more and the mortgages will be paid off substantially if not completely.

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