33 Yorkville Ave in Toronto, a new project coming up for sale

Dear friends,

I have just received an exiting call from the developer,  that Cresford Developments bought a parking lot across of a New Four Season’s Hotel – 33 Yorkville Avenue. They will build 2 buildings – 42 and 64 storeys. The lobby will be furnished with Bottega Veneta.

Cresford is one of the best developments companies in Toronto and they always build with a good quality and high standards.

Both buildings will have direct access into Subway, Holt Renfrew and Manulife Plaza with a new Eataly – a vibrant Italian marketplace from New York with plenty cafes, counters, restaurants and a cooking school. It will be a great place to live and a great investment.

We are invited next week Wednesday – September 13th to be among the very few brokers to sell this building. We will have all information about this building on September 13th around 2:00 PM.

That kind of projects  do not come for sale very often and I am sure will be Sold out within  a few days.
That is why if you interested please contact us as soon as possible.

We will be selling 33 Yorkville  Avenue  from Wednesday  afternoon at the Cresford head office – 170 Merton st.

Please make yourself available on Wednesday and Thursday and bring a photo ID, a SIN number and Cheques with you.

See you soon